Security Awareness & Phishing

Security Awareness & Training For Everyone

Personalize employee training with role-based modules in a variety of themes, styles and lengths to engage learners

Automate phishing simulations, training cadence and delivery to keep lessons relevant, challenging and fun — and save you time

Integrate with your endpoint protection, LMS and SOC to streamline program management, reporting and attack response

Analyze employee risk scores, learning outcomes and reported phishing threats to anticipate — and remediate — cyber threats

Improve your program with actionable dashboard data, helping you fill compliance training gaps and educate high-risk employees

Multi-Layered Security Awareness Training

Inspire cybersecurity behavior change

Go beyond annual training by inspiring behavior change and a culture of security. Choose from our library of 700+ resources and pre-built training kits to layer training and keep learners engaged year round. Assign training with different lengths and styles to match your organization’s culture and deliver relevant content to every member of your organization.

Deliver the right training to the right employees, when it matters most

Educate employees based on their role, security aptitude and preferred learning style. Utilize dynamic groups to personalize education based on lesson retention and deliver training when employees fail assessments, click phishing simulations or trigger security events.

Stay compliant with training aligned with NIST guidelines

Fortify your security awareness curriculum with compliance and industry-based training. Each training module is mapped to one of nine core security behaviors derived from the NIST security awareness and training guidelines to help guide your curriculum.

Custom-fit education matched to your culture

Use the Publishing Assistant to build your own training modules matched to your culture. Create custom assessments to measure retention of security topics that matter most to your organization.

Reduce Phishing Susceptibility With Phishing Simulations

1,000+ realistic & customizable templates

Choose from over 1,000 editable templates or create custom emails to teach employees how to avoid real threats in your environment. New templates are added weekly to address topical phishing attacks and keep training relevant.

Turn phishing clicks into teachable moments

Deliver training the moment your employee clicks a phishing link. Highlight phishing red flags or share

educational modules to deliver training in the teachable moment and reinforce good security habits.

Set rules to automatically deliver the most relevant training

Sync with Active Directory and use segmentation rules to automatically deliver the most relevant phishing simulations based on learner location, language, risk score or any custom learner value.

Simulate the most sophisticated attacks

Prepare your employees for the most challenging threats they face by simulating the same spoofing techniques, typo squatting and attack types scammers use.

Suspicious email reporting and automated analysis

Enable employees to report suspicious emails with the PhishNotify™ reporting plugin. Use PhishHunter™ to automatically analyze employee-reported emails to quickly detect threats and orchestrate attack response.

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